How to Get a Job

How to Get a Job on Gran Canaria?

Getting a job on Gran Canaria depends on your skill set and, to some degree, your language capabilities. If you speak Spanish, you’ll be more desirable than non-Spanish speakers but Canarian Spanish is unique and may even present an initial challenge for Spanish speakers.

If you don’t speak Spanish don’t worry, there’s room for you too. Many resorts are in need of English speakers and after a few months on the island, you’ll be surprised by how much Spanish you pick up.

Hospitality Jobs

The easiest jobs to get on Gran Canaria are hospitality jobs. Resorts, particularly those in the south, are always looking for bartenders, waiters and performers. Massage professionals and tour guides are also in need though massage professionals need certifications and training and tour guides must speak at least two languages, including Spanish.

It’s a good idea to go to the island on a job hunting mission before signing onto an island rent, which ranges from 400 to 700 Euros a month. Hospitality jobs pay from 800 Euros to 1,200 Euros a month.

Yumbo centre

Many foreigners work at the Yumbo centre

Teaching and Professional Jobs

English schools, bilingual schools and language schools frequently hire non-Gran Canarian residents to teach. These jobs pay fairly well (600 Euros to 1,400 Euros a month depending on skill set) but generally look for individuals that have college degrees and can speak more than one language.

For a list of language schools in Gran Canaria, click here.

Professional jobs — public relations, accounting, marketing — are more difficult to come by. Your best bet is to look for one of these jobs in a tourism-based company on the island.

Checking Your Work Status

If you’re a member of the EEC, you’re clear to work on Gran Canaria. Though you won’t need a special work permit, you will have to register with the local police if you stay for more than three months. It’s also a good idea to communicate with your embassy before you leave.

For more information on finding a job on Gran Canaria, click here.

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